Your Most Powerful Boudoir Marketing Tool (And 5 Ways to Use It)

Okay, I’m a total dork, I know, but I love watching America’s Next Top Model.

I’d like to say that it’s all about watching master photographers do their thing, but let’s be real: I like the drama as much as the next person. It’s really my guilty pleasure!

Anyway, one of my favorite parts of the show is seeing models in the beginning who are timid or just not showing their full potential, and watching them transform over the weeks to these kick-ass women who are amazing models.

I especially love makeover week. For those of you who don’t watch the show, one week, pretty early in the season usually, all of the models are given new looks that take them from plain jane to high-fashion. Sometimes, they do really extreme haircuts or colors. They’ve even shaved entire heads! I always think, “Oh my god, that’s going to look stupid,” but the end result is always amazing.

I’ve written previously about the power of before/after photo sets as a marketing tool, but I wanted to take a moment to dig a little deeper on the topic, because this is one of the BEST marketing tools at your fingertips!

On America’s Next Top Model, we see these ordinary looking women become super models in front of our eyes. It really sucks you into the show, because you start to think, “Hey, they’re just like me.” It makes the drama more real and heightened when you can put yourself in the shoes of the models.

If they would just show the models after the makeovers, it would feel more disconnected. I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t feel like I have a lot in common with a super model! So, seeing the “before” really helps viewers enjoy the show more.

sexy boudie faceWhen you show side-by-side before and after photos to potential clients, it helps them understand that they are perfect for a boudoir shoot.

You stop getting the dreaded, “Oh, maybe when I lose 10 pounds…”

They start to have confidence that you are going to make them into a gorgeous model.

So here are five ways you should be using before/after photo sets to help potential customers feel confident about calling you to book their shoot:

1. On Your Website

You have an awesome portfolio website that’s set up to convert visitors into customers, right? 🙂 (If not, learn more about building one here.)

Your website is the perfect place for before/after pictures. Today, most people use the Internet to find services they want, like photographers. So, you want to make the best impression possible!

You can create an entire before/after gallery or just include the sets among your other galleries. Either way, doing this will help you convince more website viewers to actually contact you.

2. At Trade shows

I love trade shows, and in my Boudoir Marketing Camp (which is open for enrollment as of now!), I talk about several techniques for booking more clients using trade shows.

Most people have a portfolio and some large images they display at trade shows. I know you are in love with that moody black and white shot where the client had the perfect expression…but consider showing a “before” of that client too. Displaying an image of what the person looks like in everyday life will make that amazing shot look even better in comparison.

3. In Gift Bags

You don’t always have to attend trade shows and other events in order to market to the attendees. I’ve used gift bags very successfully (read more about that on this gift bags post).

When you do gift bags, include a before/after photo. It’s even more important here than at your trad show booth, since you won’t actually get to speak to the women considering your services.

4. At Others’ Businesses

Think about all of the people in your community you can partner with – make up artists, hair stylists, wedding planners, and more.

The problem is that most of these businesses don’t necessarily want to post boudoir images.

A before/after set is a lot more tame! Look for an image that is sexy and beautiful, but very tame, for the “after” image.

Make up artists and hair stylists especially love to display these images, since it highlights their work too!

5. On Social Media

Before/after photo sets always get lots of likes, comments, and shares when posted on social media. Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram are especially good for posting before/after photos, since these are really visual social networks.

I recommend going with really tame “after” photos in this case as well, since people are more hesitant to interact with content that is more risque.


If you don’t have any before/after photos, I hope you take some of your next clients so you can create these sets to help you market your business.

Here’s another ninja marketing tip for you. You can create a Before and After Sticky Album to share with potential clients… and that’s just the start. Read more in my post How to Let Your Clients Market for You: Mobile Marketing for Photographers. Enjoy!

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