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How to wow your clients to get referrals and reviews

Today, I wanted to share with you how you can wow your clients to get referrals and reviews from those clients.

Now, first things first, obviously, take very flattering, great photos of your clients.

But the other thing is to under-promise and over-deliver on anything that you’re doing. If you promise them a 30-minute shoot, maybe do 45 minutes. If you tell them their photos will be ready in three weeks, get them their photos in one week or two weeks. Anything that you do, you need to under-promise and over-deliver because, let me ask you this: Have you ever had someone say, “Well, we’ll have your bathroom renovation done in a month,” and it turns into three months, and there’s nothing more aggravating than that, and you’re never then going to refer them or leave a review for them, but if they say it’s going to take three months and they get it done in a month, then you’re suddenly wowed.

Again, under-promise, over-deliver. Take great, flattering photos of your clients and just enjoy your time with them. Talk with them. Befriend them. Give them a hug. Show them a tour of your studio. Just have a really, really good, fun time. Leave them with a great product, and then under-promise and over-deliver, and you will be definitely be getting lots of referrals.

The main way to get a review is to simply ask for a review. After the photo shoot, before the client leaves, say, “Hey, do you mind if I just take a quick 30-second video and ask you a few questions about your shoot? It’ll really help anyone who’s on the fence about a shoot to see the benefits of it, see that you enjoyed your session,” and nine times out of ten, they’re like, “Sure. I don’t mind at all.” Then you can do that, and you could also email them that day later and say, “Hey, in addition to the video we did at the studio, if you’ll leave me a review here,” give them the link on Google, “by midnight tonight, I will send you a $10 Starbucks gift card,” or whatever incentive it is you want to give them.

Those are my tips on how to wow your clients to get referrals and reviews. I hope you enjoyed this. If you did, please comment with the word “review” below.

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Molly Keyser

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