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Why That Sucky Boudoir Photographer Has More Bookings Than You

Is there a boudoir photographer in your town that you think has horrible work?

Is there a boudoir photographer in your town that you think is sucky, your boudoir work is way better than theirs, and you’re not sure why the “sucky” boudior photographer is getting more bookings than you are?

If so, grab a vodka on the rocks, and listen up!

Chances are you started your photography business because you love photography. In perfecting your photography craft you’ve learned what makes for good light, attractive subjects, a great editing style….

…and since you’re a photographer you can pick the best photographer out of a dozen photographers.

You could be picnicking in the park where 10 photographers are shooting and know which ones have been doing this for a long time and which have just started based on how they’re photographing.

But here’s the thing….

Your clients (well most anyway) are NOT professional photographers. 

They want good photographs, but your photography portfolio (in most cases) is NOT the deciding factor.

They’re looking for much more then good photographs…

…convenience (for boudoir especially people don’t just wake up, announce they’re going to do a boudoir shoot and start a search online for the photographer with the best work. It’s more likely that they would hear about it from somewhere and think it was a cool idea, or get talked into it, or see a cool idea for a shoot online, or be told it will make a great gift, etc. Having great marketing in place so that you catch that customers eye first is KEY.).

…great customer service (nobody wants to get partially naked and spend $2k with somebody who isn’t easy going, nice, fun to be around, trusting, etc.), has a good reputation with reviews  (this is specifically important for boudoir), comfort in know they’re going to look amazing,….

…oh and, most importantly, value …

What is the value of everything they’re getting with you?

Think for a minute about the last thing you wanted to buy. Not needed, because boudoir photography is not a need and we’re going to be relating the two.

For me the last thing I WANTED to buy was a mountain bike. (yup I’m a mountain biking, boudoir photographer)

So where do you go when you want to buy a mountain bike? The bike shop!

Without hesitation the next thing I know I’m at “anybody’s bike shop” in downtown Eau Claire. I went there because that is where I had purchased my last bike and I loved it. Before that I went there for the first time because they were local, their branding appealed to me, and I was greeted with great customer service.

They also give free tune ups for a year with any bike you purchase, 10% off any item in the shop that year, they let me test ride the bike as much as I wanted, and they even put new handle bar tape I wanted on my bike for me even though it was only $10. GREAT value.

I certainly weighed all of those things along with the price and it made me feel more comfortable with the investment.

Did I choose the bike shop based on what brand of bikes they carried? Or that they had the finest bikes known to man?


I chose them because they have great customer service, their value is outstanding, they have a fantastic reputation, I felt comfortable and trusted working with them, and it was convenient. I had driven past their shop multiple times, heard about them through friends, connected with their branding, and they were the first shop that came to mind.

They clearly know who their ideal client is and have their business plan down.

Even though your photography portfolio is important, what’s more important is your business plan and value (how your price list + services are perceived).

I want you to think about how you can implement these points into your business.

Get More Bookings Over Your Competition:

VALUE: Create attractive offerings and a price list that is filled with value your ideal clients can see.

REPUTATION: Discover your ideal client which will make marketing + building your reputation a breeze (and save you loads of money).

CONVENIENCE: Craft your mission statement and “hook to book” phrase so you can easily chat up your ideal clients. You never know where you’re going to find your next booking!
Love and High fives!

Molly Marie

P.S. Let us know what’s next for you by commenting below with how you’re going to get more bookings! Do you need help showing value? Discovering your ideal client? Crafting your “hook to book” phrase?

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