Why to Start Your Boudoir Photo Holiday Marketing Now + How to do it

PrintIs you Boudoir Marketing Plan in place for the holidays?

I know it seems like the holidays are far away, but really they’re right around the corner. If you want to get lots of boudoir bookings this holiday season, and be able to get them their gifts in time for giving you want to get marketing now.

The best thing would be to get this done ASAP, that way you don’t wake up a month from now and realize it’s too late to get anything in place, then lose out on bookings, lose out on sales, and have regrets (again) and say to yourself “Well, I’ll plan better next year.”

Simply read these easy tips I’m about to share with you so that you can have an amazing plan in place to get the bookings and money you WANT this Holiday Season.

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1) Set Your Goal

What is your goal for marketing the holidays? Is it a number of bookings in November and December? Is it doubling the amount of money you made in those months last year? Is it getting return clients? Is it getting NEW faces in the door? Whatever your goal might be figure it out and write it out. TIP: I recommend making a “Google doc” in Google Drive and titling it “Holiday Marketing 2014.” This way you can keep your whole plan together and refer back to it in years to come. boudie_shorts_holiday_props

2) Create Your Plan


Once you know what your goal is and you know what you’re aiming for you can start to create a plan. Your plan is going to start with knowing your end goal. Say to yourself “what will I need to do to reach the goal I have set?” Boudoir Holiday Season-Glitter GlamThink about who you’re marketing to; is it women booking shoots for themselves? Is it for women booking shoots for their significant others? Instead of saying “book a shoot,” you’re planting the shoot idea in their mind, saying things like “Want a Pampering Experience this Holiday season,” or, “Want to Give Him a Christmas Gift He’ll never Forget?” They already know you offer photo shoots but they’re not going to book until they can see how it will benefit them. Tell them how it is about getting pampered, a confidence-boosting experience, being princess for a day, or share testimonials from past clients with their man’s reaction!

Download Your FREE Holiday Marketing Template Below:


Think about when you want these marketing efforts to start running and when they should stop. You need to know the LAST DAY you can take a booking in order for them to get their gift in time for the Holidays. We all use different labs and have different turn around times, so use what will work best for you!

Ideas for spreading the word about booking boudoir for the Holidays:

-social media, schedule posts + “ads” Check out my Boudoir Marketing Template Set, [HERE].
-another businesses newsletter or social media (scheduled emails and scheduled social media posts using Holiday themed templates to save time)
-Doing gift bags (with an expiration date on the gift cards that will get them booking for the holidays)
-Perhaps run a special of some kind with a good deadline so it gets them booking before your cut off date
-Gift with purchase (we’ve done this with purses in the past – book a shoot before x/y/z and get this gift item)

Challenge: I challenge you to come up with 5 of your own marketing ideas. Get out a sheet of paper and brainstorm, have fun with it! I have some more marketing ideas throughout this blog as well as tons of tried true, and start to finish plan on how to execute them in Boudoir Marketing Camp.



3) Take Action

Once you have your ideas hashed out, start putting them into action!

Mark on your business calendar the dates of your “Holiday Marketing Efforts” and when you are going to take action on your marketing.

Download Your FREE Holiday Marketing Template Below:

Tips for taking action:

-scheduled emails
-schedule social media posts (when wording these, put yourself in your potential clients shoes.
holiday-What would make her want to book?)
-Design up or edit “ads” / templates that you can market with
-Want to save time and money?  Get my pre-designed Boudoir Marketing Template, [HERE].
-put on calendar
-set reminders/tasks so that you actually do it Just posting once to your Facebook page, “hey book for v-day before x/y/z” is NOT enough!

I want to challenge you to follow the steps above and make this your best Holiday promotion yet and to reach those goals you have set for yourself and your business! So set your goals, plan, take action, and have fun with it!

You’ll be ALL smiles once you see the holiday bookings rolling in!

Want to share a tip of your own? Comment below to get chatting with other boudoir photographers just like you!

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