Which Boudie Camp Should I Join?

One of the most common questions we get is this:

“I want to join one of your Boudie Camps, but I’m not sure which one is right for me. What is the difference and which should I join?”

So today, we wanted to take a moment to clear up the confusion! We want you to be able to make the BEST decision for your boudoir business.

First and foremost, we currently have three camps with a fourth camp coming this fall. These camps are:

  1. Boudoir Business 101 Camp
  2. Boudoir Marketing Camp
  3. Boudoir Shooting Camp
  4. Boudoir Sales Camp

The content in these camps does not overlap. You don’t have to join them all or join in a certain order, but if you want to go through our educational material in the way that makes the most sense, your best option is to start with Boudoir Business 101 Camp and go through them in the order listed.

If you don’t want to go through all the camps, here are more details about the education you’ll get in each camp:

Boudoir Business 101 Camp

Our Business 101 Camp is perfect for new photographers and for experienced photographers who are new to boudoir. It is also a refresher course for anyone who currently has a boudoir business, but who feels disorganized or unhappy with how their business is set up.

Topics covered include setting goals you can actually achieve, running a boudoir shoot, writing a business mission statement for your business plan, and setting your prices.

  • JOIN BUSINESS 101 CAMP IF… you are a relatively new photographer or an experienced photographer who is new to boudoir and you want help with goals, business plans, and pricing.
  • SKIP BUSINESS 101 CAMP IF… you are an experienced boudoir photographer and you feel confident in the business you’ve established.

Boudoir Marketing Camp

Boudoir Marketing Camp is our most popular Boudie Camp. This camp covers topics such as how to promote your business via email, how to get bookings at tradeshows, what to say to potential clients on the phone, how to partner with other businesses to get more clients, using social media, running a blog to promote your business, online advertising, and more. Basically, Business 101 Camp sets up your business to be successful and Marketing Camp shows you how to promote it.

If Marketing Camp isn’t open for enrollment right now, but you don’t want to take Business 101 Camp, we recommend Shooting Camp in the meantime. Every photographer in the world can benefit from learning new shooting techniques – it will only help you draw in more customers! You can also take Sales Camp first, so that once you are able to join Marketing Camp and learn how to get more clients, you are completely ready to sell them the biggest packages possible.

  • JOIN MARKETING CAMP IF… your boudoir photography business is set up, but you need help getting more clients.
  • SKIP MARKETING CAMP IF… you’re already filling your schedule with clients, but you want to learn how to take better photographs and sell bigger packages.


Boudoir Shooting Camp

  • 4-week course, available year round. Camp starts whenever you sign up (there are no live components), and you have life-time access. 30-day money-back guarantee (subject to change – please read current terms and conditions before purchasing).
  • Learn more about Shooting Camp HERE!

Business 101 Camp sets up your business, Marketing Camp promotes it so you can find clients, and Shooting Camp teaches you how to take better pictures of those clients. Molly partnered with several other boudoir photographers to create videos where each photographer gives you lessons on how he or she runs a shoot, as well as specific topics like lighting, shooting outdoors, etc. This camp will also go over Molly’s editing techniques.

  • JOIN SHOOTING CAMP IF… you are a boudoir photographer or interested in shooting boudoir. (Seriously, we can ALL improve our skills, so everyone should join this camp!)
  • SKIP SHOOTING CAMP IF… you’re completely confident that you are the best boudoir photographer in the world. 🙂


Boudoir Sales Camp

  • 4-week course, available year round. Camp starts whenever you sign up (there are no live components), and you have life-time access. 30-day money-back guarantee (subject to change – please read current terms and conditions before purchasing).
  • Register or learn more details about Boudoir Sales Camp HERE!

Once you’ve set up your business, promoted it, and taken great photos, the next step is to sell to the client. Sales camp is all about how to make sure you’re not leaving any money on the table. Specific topics include: how to set up your sales room for maximum profits, what to say before and during the shoot to set yourself up for big sales, how to talk about your pricing and products, and what to say during the viewing.

  • JOIN SALES CAMP IF… you got the business, you got the clients, now you just need to boost how much each client spends with you.
  • SKIP SALES CAMP IF… your schedule is not filled with clients yet (go back to Business 101 Camp or Marketing Camp instead).

You can learn more about all of our camps [HERE] – and make sure to sign up for our mailing list for exclusive camp discounts and notices when Marketing Camp is open for enrollment.


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