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Where to Shoot Boudoir if You Don’t Have a Studio

A question I get asked quite often is “where can I shoot boudoir if I don’t own/rent a studio space?”

The truth is… the majority of photographers never start out with a studio space! Most of us start out in our homes or shoot on location and then move into a studio. I personally started out with a home office and shooting on location. I then moved into a shared studio space with a yoga instructor. Then once it was feasible for me to have my own space I moved.

And now… things have come full circle and I am back in a beautiful home studio! (Here’s why I moved my studio home.)

If you don’t have room for a home studio or money for a commercial studio space… don’t worry! You can still build a fantastic boudoir photography business. In the video below, I’m going to share with you my top ideas for where to shoot boudoir if you don’t have a studio!



These alternative shooting space ideas will help you save money so that you can build your business and potentially get a studio in the long run. I want you to know though that you certainly don’t EVER have to get a studio. There are plenty of boudoir photographers who make it work without a studio.

Also, if you’re already a seasoned pro with a studio space I still believe these shooting space ideas will be helpful to you. If you’re having a slow booking month why not start a buzz by offering an off location boudoir marathon? Or an outdoor boudoir photo shoot alternative (higher package?) ?  Ok, just check out the video already so I can share all these ideas with you! 😉

In this week’s video I talk about several different ideas for places to shoot instead of in a conventional photo studio.  Be sure to listen all the way through because the last tip is THE BEST! 🙂

Want more on where to shoot if you don’t have a studio? Check out this blog post – Have Hotel, Will Shoot Boudoir: How to Acquire & Use Hotels Successfully. Enjoy!


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