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What kinds of things should you post in a Facebook vip group?

I wanted to talk with you today about what should you post in your Facebook group to get engagements and also to get bookings.

I’m going to go ahead and list out the different posts that you can make in your group. Again, this is going to help you with engagement and also interaction and bookings.

The first thing that you should be posting is before and after photos of your clients along with a long form social media post. What that means is the text that goes along with the picture. So you have a  before and after picture that is also a story of that client. Make sure that you are highlighting things that maybe that client was afraid of before the shoot. A lot of people don’t want to book boudoir shoots because they’re afraid they won’t look good in the pictures.

You could tell that in that client’s story if that’s true. Take something that’s true for that person and say, “So and so was afraid they wouldn’t look good in the photos. It really took some convincing to get her in but she loved the session. Here’s her testimonial, here’s her before and after picture.”

The next thing you can post in your group is anything about you so you can build your know, like, and trust factor. What do you think is the difference between someone wanting to come into your studio or go into someone else’s studio and that is whoever they know, like, and trust more.

I think as photographers we think they’re going to pick whoever takes the best pictures, but that’s really subjective and really the truth is that they’re going to pick who they like the most, who they trust the most, who they’re the most comfortable with.

You need to start doing posts around your personal life. Introduce them to your dog. Tell the story of how you adopted your dog. Talk about your favorite food and say, “Comment below if you agree.” Talk about just different things that people can relate to when it comes to you to grow that know, like and trust factor.

The next thing you can talk about is you can intro them to your Facebook group. Every week be like, “Hello again. My name’s Molly. This is about me. This is what the group’s for. This is what the group’s not for. I’m so happy you’re here. If you’re happy as well comment the word love or something like that below.” Always giving a call to action and making people want to click and read on your posts as well.

Those are my tips for today. I have many more ideas for groups so if you would like more of those comment the word “group” below this post.

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