What should you post on your Facebook business page?

I want to talk with you today about what should you post on your Facebook business page. Now, as you guys know, Facebook is a pay-to-play model. The only ways that you’re going to get good, free, organic reach are on your personal page and your Facebook group.

Now, when it comes to your business page, there is a time and a place for your business page. You should certainly be posting on your business page, but you should be posting with the end goal in mind to pay to play. So, here’s what I want you to do. I want you to be posting Facebook Lives that are very heated topics, things that people want to click on.

For example, maybe you would talk about why you started to become a photographer or why you started to become a boudoir photographer, or something like, “The real reason behind why I chose to photograph women in their underwear for a living.” Like who wouldn’t click on that video? And then, do that as a Facebook live and then boost that post on Facebook.

You can boost it to those who liked your page, if you think that that’s a good demographic, or you can choose the demographic that you want to target so you could target people in your city, in a certain income range, certain gender, you can get really specific with Facebook Boost and Facebook Ads in the Power Editor as well.

Do a lot of Facebook Lives that will get a lot of interest. I like to call them ranting Facebook Lives. You’re not being like rude or dramatic at all but what you’re doing is coming up with a title that is going to be really interesting for those people to want to listen to you and then you can run some Facebook Ad traffic to that as well, and make sure you do a call to action at the end.

A call to action could be they get in touch with you to learn more about your shoots, or you’re doing a two-day quick sale for scarcity and urgency.

Doing that interesting video with a good call to action at the end and boosting that post, doing Facebook Lives through business page, I swear, are going to get you awesome, awesome results.

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Molly Keyser

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