Valentine’s Day Marketing Starts NOW

Have you started marketing for Valentine's Day yet? Check your marketing schedule, it's time!

Valentine's Day is one the biggest holidays of the year for boudoir bookings. Women want to give their men something they'll never forget!

The important thing though, is to get people booking early! With Christmas happening it can be a bit of a challenge, but don't get discouraged.  One of the best ways is to turn late Christmas inquiries into Valentine's Day Boudoir inquiries.  If you have somebody inquire for a shoot a week or two before Christmas and you're all booked or past your deadline then instead of saying “sorry I'm booked” email them this:

“Hi Lady!

Thanks so much for getting in touch! Would you be interested in gifting him boudoir for V-day instead of Christmas? Unfortunately our Christmas booking deadline has passed but that's ok because this is the PERFECT gift for v-day.  If you're interested let me know, I'd be more then happy to send you more info! ”

According to google trends searching the term “Boudoir” spikes around January-February. The more you can get the word out that you offer these services the better! If you have a list of past clients who have done any shoots with you don't forget them! First, you could make a blog post letting people know what boudoir is, why they should book for Valentine's Day and how to book. Next make an e-newsletter to go out to all of your past clients on your email list.  You could also send out emails to inquiries that didn't book etc. Who knows they might be interested now 😉

Around Valentine's Day last year I know a bunch of our local news stations did segments on boudoir photography as well. It makes for a great eye catching story on the news. Why not try to get in touch and see if they'd be interested in doing a segment on boudoir photography for Valentine's Day?  TIP: Search online for past boudoir segments to get ideas so you can be prepared for when you pitch your idea(s) to the media.

More tips to increase your V-Day bookings:

-Create a V-day template/ad you can post on social media
-Let them know the steps to book
-Be sure to have a call to action
-Be sure to include a book by date/deadline
-You could also include a sale or gift with purchase if they book by a certain date
-Include something explaining WHY they would do this for a v-day present
-Don't forget your contact info!
-For even more tips, check out my Boudoir Marketing Camp!


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