5 Places to Buy Unique Photography Backdrops Online

Boudie Shorts Blog Post Graphics-09Are you looking for unique photography backdrops?

When you do your viewing and ordering session, the more options you can give your clients, the better your sales. Backdrops are a really quick way to switch up the look and clients love a variety in their pictures. I know for many of us we might be shooting in tight spaces. My studio is in my home and I don’t have tons of room. The best way for me to get a lot of looks in a little space is to get creative! I love getting creative with different backdrops! I also love having a variety so that no matter what the clients’ wardrobe I know I’ll have great set to photograph them on.

So today, I wanted to share a few of my favorite places to buy unique backdrops online!

People ask me all the time, “Where did you get that gold backdrop?!?!” The answer is Drop It Modern! Their gold sequin backdrop is seriously one of the best investments I’ve ever made. I’ve had it for several years and it still looks great. My clients love it! Plus, I also sometimes use it as a tablecloth/draping fabric when I set up a table for a trade show booth, open house, boudoir party, etc. It is awesome.

The tapestries at Society 6 are gorgeous and really inexpensive, so I definitely recommend checking them out to use as backdrops. You can even upload your own artwork to sell and print for yourself. On top of that you are supporting artists from around the world!

I love Etsy! If you search “photography backdrops” on Etsy, you’re going to get thousands of results, ranging from realistic wood backdrops printed on paper and vinyl to cloth backdrops to sequin backdrops. You can narrow down your search based on the type of photography you do and the materials you like best, but it is still easy to get lost looking at all the options. I like to star my favorites as I go, so when I’m done browsing I can look at all of my favorites on a single page.

Denny Manufacturing has a huge variety of backdrops (plus they have props too). One really cool feature is that they can create a custom vinyl banner backdrop for you, which is especially great for events.

If you want a wide variety of options, The Backdrop Shop is a great website to browse. They have bokeh/glitter backdrops, wood, brick, solid colors, and more. Check out their clearance selection. You’ll save 30% – 60% on those backdrops, so you can find some incredible deals in there.

Where are your favorite places to buy backdrops? Head over to our boudoir photogs Facebook group and share your tips with the community!

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