Tips to Book your Boudoir Marathon Solid

Boudoir marathons are a great way to plan a bunch of back to back boudoir sessions in a fun environment. It's a plus for you because you're able to do multiple shoots in a day. It's also a plus for your client as they get a super fun experience and sometimes an incentive (discount) for booking during the event.  One challenge that a boudoir marathon can bring forth though, is getting all of the time slots filled. It will be a total waste if you book the makeup artist, hair stylist, hotel, etc. and then don't end up booking any of your time slots. I absolutely LOVE marketing and have compiled a list of tips that have best helped me to fill marathons FULL in the past.


Give plenty of advance notice about the event and time to properly market.

-I would recommend giving at least 2 months notice
 -plan out your marketing schedule during those 2 months
-create a set of marketing tools to help educate and spread the word
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-Build excitement about the event during that time frame consistently

Tips for your marketing pieces:

-Be sure the clearly title your pieces
-Most people only spend 1-3 seconds looking at something before moving on
-HAVE A CALL TO ACTION “Call before XYZ to get our deal”
-Keep your target market in mind when creating or posting about your event

As part of my recent boudoir marathon marketing campaign I created a blog post ALL about the event.  It talks about the event, details, shows examples of my work, tells them how to book, how much it costs and also has a Q & A section. I would highly recommend doing this as well.  This will really cut down on repetitive email questions and narrow in on quality inquiries and your target client.  To see the page I created for the event click HERE.

Ideas on WHERE/HOW to advertise:

-hang event posters in salons, gyms, tattoo parlors, ..any place where your ideal client would hang out
-e-mail posters to mom groups
-get in touch with other non-boudoir photographers
-put cards in dressing rooms (keeps it discrete)
-Send out an e-newsletter blast to your email list
-Look at past boudoir inquiries that didn't book and email them
-Mail post cards to current brides (if you're a wedding photographer)
-Mail cards to wedding planners
-Post consistently to facebook and create an “event page”


Create exclusive reasons why they need to book during THIS marathon.

-If you have a studio – A new set will only be available during this marathon
-If you don't have a studio host it in a cool hotel with an eye catching room
-This makeup artist is the best and will be at this marathon
-This is a good month to book because you can use it for a XYZ present
-gift with purchase unique to this specific marathon

The WHY: 

Remember to always address the WHY? “Why should I book this?”

-“Book back to back with your friends it would be a fun girls day out”
-“It's a weekend long boudoir celebration!” – saying it's a party sounds fun and inviting!
-“Booking during a marathon means you get XYZ gift or X% off of your shoot”
-“…because your love will thank you for it”
-“..because life is hectic and you deserve a day of pampering and confidence building”
-Now take those and sprinkle them throughout your marketing

So what will you do next to make your boudoir marathon a huge success? Share your thoughts in the comments below! And, if you have any questions on how to make your boudoir marathon work, ask those as well. We're here to help. xoxo


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