Tips For Shooting Boudoir of All Shapes and Sizes

I’ve had several photographers over the years ask for boudoir posing guides, and I’ve been happy to help! But some of those requests have been a bit more specific, like “a posing guide for curvy girls” and “a posing guide for athletic bodies”.  Now I get that different clients might want different shots or one might be more flexible than the other and can really get that back-arch shot, but the reality is that you only need the following three tips to get amazing boudoir shots for clients of all shapes and sizes!

Tip #1: The Same Poses Work For Every Client

Mind blowing? It really shouldn’t be.

Here’s the honest truth: every woman is beautiful and every woman can do the same type of poses and look amazing. Don’t shy away from shooting your curvy girl straight on or standing because you think you can’t for whatever reason, because you can! Your client knows what she looks like and she knows she’s beautiful: show her some respect by thinking the same thing and treating her the same!

What matter more than the actual pose is…

Tip #2: Get You Angle Right!

A great pose can be ruined by the wrong angle, so it’s more important to get your angles right. The best angle to shoot at is slightly above eye level. If you’re short like me, that might mean getting a good step stool or two!

This isn’t to say that this is the only angle you should shoot from, but it’s the one that will consistently get you great results.

Tip #3: Flattering Outfits

This is where you might treat clients a bit differently. Different body types look better in different things, and different clients have different preferences, so keep that in mind when helping your client pick out her outfits. I like to have my clients bring a small suitcase filled with outfits and then we pick the three for the shoot together.

One thing I’ve learned over the years is that fitted and snug looks and photographs better than loose and flowy, regardless of body type! I absolutely hate baby dolls and will frequently advise my clients away from them. Honestly, a fitted tank top and panties will look sexier and more seductive than any baby doll dress, no matter who’s wearing it. Okay, rant over.


The title was a bit of a trick. You might have thought this post was dedicated to posing tips for curvy women, but I really want you to start thinking about allAll bodies, all sizes, all types. Every woman is beautiful, every body is sexy, and everyone deserves to be given the same opportunities to show that off in their boudoir shoot!

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Get three tips for shooting boudoir of all shapes and sized from Molly Keyser of Boudie Shorts

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