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The Shocking Reason Your Boudoir Clients don’t want their Images Posted Online


Do you have trouble getting your boudoir clients to let you post their images online?

If you do, keep reading because I bet the reason they’re saying “no” will shock you.

I know just how it feels to fall in love with images you just took from a session only to be heart broken when your client says “you won’t be posting my images anywhere right?! I do NOT want my dad to see these.”

I want to share with you how I approach having my clients sign the model release, consenting to their images being online, and why I have such a high rate of clients letting me use their images online.

…because being able to use clients images online to showcase your work, testimonials, experience, etc is HUGE. This is especially huge when we’re in a market of portraits that are very intimate. We need these images to use in our powerfully-effective boudoir marketing strategies.

Before I go further I want to begin by letting you guys know that begging them is NOT one of my tips, hah. I always 100% respect my clients wishes if they wish for their shoot to remain private, just had to get that off my chest.

First off ALL of my clients sign a model release/contract when they come to my studio the day of their shoot.

I have them sign, this model release, in person via my Ipad (or Iphone if I was forgetful and didn’t charge it the night before hehe). In order for me to photograph them and for us to do their hair/makeup, they HAVE to, period. This does NOT mean that by them signing the model release they are signing away being posted to the internets. I just want to be clear on this.

I make sure to tell them that signing this has nothing to do with their photos being posted online and that we’ll chat about that after they’ve seen their photos. I pretty much say exactly this ,”oh, and this doesn’t mean your images will be online by the way, I’ll chat with you about that later once you’ve seen how amazeballs they are, I seriously can’t wait to photograph you, we’re going to have so much fun!” I don’t ask them at that point I simply tell them we will chat about it later.

I’ve never had one client question signing my model release/contract because I’m confident in my model release (because a lawyer/photographer made it), it’s a rule, I say it with confidence, I tell them to take their time reading it over, I tell them to ask me ANY questions if they have any about it, and I have them sign it in person. Personally, I think it’s a lot easier for people to agree to ANYTHING if you’re having them do it in person. You’re right there if they have any questions and at this point they’ve met you so they already trust you a lot more then when you were an email address (hopefully not hotmail for gosh sakes) over the interwebs.

So, now that they’ve signed the model release/contract via my ipad (and complained about how their finger signature didn’t look as accurate as pen to paper lol) they do hair/makeup, and then we jump into the photo shoot.

While we’re shooting their boudoir photos i make sure to get an additional variety of shots that are also conservative. While we’re shooting those I’ll snap a head shot, show them the back of the camera and say, “seriously…look at your eyes (or whatever genuine compliment I’m throwing their way)!!! If you posted this as your profile pic I bet you money you’d get 100 “likes!!!!!” (See how I’m mentioning social media and a plus to having them online without actually saying it?)

Another way I bring it up is when I take a fun/giggly shot that is my favorite I’ll say something like,

“Holy…!!! I think this is my favorite shot from your shoot, look at you!! Dang girl I would love to put this on my blog so other girls interested in this experience could see how much fun we’re having!!” …these are just some examples but try and think of fun, easy going ways to bring up how you’d use those images, etc.

Next, after the shoot we’ll go through all of her photos in person (we do same day viewing/ordering but this isn’t relevant in my opinion) and narrow them down to her favorites, and lastly we’ll place her order. While I’m filling out the order form, etc. I’ll say “Oh! By the way (because I usually almost forget to ask for reals haha!) would you mind if I used some of these photos on our [insert social media platform here] page? We don’t EVER use your name by the way just made up initials so it’s not searchable AT ALL.” I always start by asking for the

most resistant posting place, which is social media.

  • If she’s hesitant or says no I’ll say “Oh gosh I totally understand if _____ person “likes” our [insert social media page here] and you’re afraid they might see you, I 100% agree then that we shouldn’t post there.”
  • “What if we just posted to our blog which is located inside of our website and is mostly just women like yourself looking to see if this experience is right for them, again we wouldn’t use your name in any way shape or form.” (usually if they were up for the social media thing they will always say yes to this one)

If she’s still hesitant or says “well I’m ok with it but I really don’t think the mr. would be….” Then I say,

“Oh yeah I totally understand, no worries at all seriously. If you change your mind at all just let me know because I LOVE your photos and I know others would too so just let me know if you change your mind. Also if you’re ok with just letting me use them inside the studio let me know as well.” (I’ve yet to have somebody say no to the in the studio only idea).

If I need to give them one more option I will also tell them that if they feel more comfortable I will let them choose which ones I can or can not posted online (because sometimes they’ll let you post the conservative ones but not the overly sexy ones, and hey, posting some is better then none), but ONLY out of the ones they’ve ordered. *and I only posted images online once they’ve been paid in full.

Of course, if they say “NO NO NO” from the beginning or have a profession where *DUH* they can not be posted anywhere etc. then just respect their wishes. I just wanted to show you guys examples of how instead of it being “yes or no” it can be “this or that.” Giving them options will give you a much higher chance of being able to use those images in some way shape or form.

You see, I find the shocking reason of why your clients aren’t agreeing to put their images online to be the fact that you’re just having them say YES OR NO. I find I have a lot more success when I GIVE THEM OPTIONS.

So, do tell! What are you going to do TODAY to make sure your clients have OPTIONS when it comes to agreeing to post their images online? Share in the comments! We LOVE hearing and learning from you!!!

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