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Text Message Marketing for Boudoir Photographers

I registered for a webinar recently and it asked me to enter my name, email address, and phone number. I’m usually pretty hesitant to give out my phone number but before the field it said, “*only for webinar reminder purposes.” Since I’m on the go a lot I thought this would be a great reminder for me to make sure I get my butt to the webinar.

Sure enough minutes before the webinar started I was sent a text reminder about the webinar and I soon attended.

That same day after the webinar I decided to take my laptop and work from a local coffee shop. I try to stay really tuned in to what each age group uses for electronic devices etc. At the coffee shop, I noticed many people didn’t have laptops. Many were on their phones…and then I thought to myself, what is the one thing we always make sure to leave our house with in addition to our keys? Bam! Our cell phones.

This got me thinking. As much as I love email marketing was there an even better way? Was there a marketing 12 instead of a marketing 10?

Sure people can check their email from their phones but they have to actually think to check it. With text messaging the message pops up on their screen and as we all know we’re basically forced to read it.

I thought back to all my ideal boudoir clients and how they had always been on their phones. How every time they replied to an email of mine it always had said “sent from iphone.” How they preferred to text me even though I fought them on it and preferred email.

But if there’s anything I’ve learned in my almost 10 years in business, it’s to never fight how your clients like to get in touch with you.

After all of these observations came to surface I decided to seek out a service where I would be able to market to my clients via text message. It would be just like email marketing, but shorter, more to the point, and sent directly to their cell phones.

After searching and testing a few services I found that I best loved, Lead Pages.

With Lead Pages you’re able to capture phone numbers in a number of different ways and automatically send them text messages based on your choosing.

Not only can you use it to market to your ideal clients about shoots but you can use it to: remind them of appointments, stay in touch, share discounts, educate about giveaways, educate about upcoming events, etc.

So I’m sure by now you’re wondering, “this is awesome Molly but how do YOU use it to get more boudoir clients?”

I’m glad you asked 😉

One way that has been huge for my studio is by using a call to action in our window clings. If you’re in my Boudoir Marketing Camp  you know that I use window clings to display a call to action marketing message and put them on each stylists mirror at salons around my city (if you’re wanting more details, an example, and a template on this be sure to check out Boudoir Marketing Camp).

On the decal I have before and after images displayed with text that reads “Text 33444 to 555-555-5555 for a complimentary photo shoot and $100 credit towards your order.”

Once they text that number it will automatically send them back any information I’d like them to receive.

For me it’s details and a link to officially book their appointment automatically online.

Here are some other ways you can use text message marketing to book more boudoir clients:

  • Create a morning mantra series. If they sign up for this free series you’ll send them a confidence boosting mantra each morning to repeat out loud. At the end of the series you’ll use a call to action such as “Loved the mantra series? Download our (free) Dream Shoot Planner e-magazine to learn how a photo shoot with us can take your confidence to the next level!”
  • Team up with another business. For example, team up with a personal trainer and have them write a series of text messages that will be sent out each day for 2 weeks. You can both market the series (maybe it’s weight loss tips, an eating plan sent each day, motivation, etc.) and at the end you can market your photo shoots. You can both get the phone numbers you collect, build a relevant list (with lead pages you get emails as well as phone numbers), and market your photo shoots at the end.
  • Host an event. Host an event and say that in order to claim their complimentary ticket they need to text 33444 to 555-555-5555. Once they opt in you can send them a text saying they’ve claimed their ticket and to show it at the entrance.

I really think text is the future. The fact that when you send a text it pops up on their home screen even if their phone is locked, is incredible exposure.

I hope this has motivated you to check out Lead Pages, start brainstorming ways to build your phone number/email list, and book more clients with text message marketing.

I’d love to know though…Do you think text message marketing is the future? Comment below with your insights, they’re much appreciated!

Love and High Fives!

Molly Marie

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