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Double Your Portrait Sales with Payment Plans

How to Double Your Portrait Sales with Payment Plan -

Payment plans helped me double my portrait sales, it’s as simple as that.   If you’re not already offering payment plans OR if you are but you’re not sure how to run them, then listen up! Often times clients go into the shoot thinking they’re only going to buy a couple photos or spend a…

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Why That Sucky Boudoir Photographer Has More Bookings Than You

Is there a boudoir photographer in your town that you think has horrible work? Is there a boudoir photographer in your town that you think is sucky, your boudoir work is way better than theirs, and you’re not sure why the “sucky” boudior photographer is getting more bookings than you are? If so, grab a vodka on…

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The Great Photo Industry Hoax and Why You’re to Blame

  I’m sick and tired of fluffy crap being sold to photographers. Every day I see random templates, backdrops (yes we need these but probably not 100), actions, camera purses, cushy retreats, and less and less HELPFUL educational info. If photography is a hobby for you and you just want to make enough money to…

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Top 5 Tips for a Killer Business Plan

Create a killer business plan to organize and focus yourself towards business success. Molly Keyser of Boudie Shorts gives you her top 5 tips of how to do just that.

Create a plan for your business. It’s so essential! Setting goals for yourself will be the key to your success! When you can physically see where you want to be and work towards that goal it is much easier to achieve. Create a word document for your business plan. Title it and save it somewhere…

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