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Must Have Gear for Portrait Photographers

Best gear for Portrait Photographers -

When it comes to photography gear for glamour, boudoir, fashion, head shots & other types of portrait photography I think a lot of photographers are over thinking it. Over the years I’ve learned that you don’t need shelves upon shelves of gear. You need the essentials  & you need to learn how to use them…

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Lucrative and Life-Changing Boudoir Photography, Book Review

Are you looking to connect with your clients better in order to give them, not just a great, but a life-changing boudoir photography experience? I recently read a book on the emotional connection & life-changing powers of boudoir photography called, “Body & Soul, Lucrative & Life-Changing Boudoir Photography” by Susan Eckert of Susan Eckert Photography.…

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What is the Best Shoot Schedule for Boudoir? Molly Marie Reveals Hers

Have you ever wondered what is the best schedule for your photo shoots? From hair/makeup to the viewing/ordering session, I’m going to share with you what I call, “my perfect schedule.” This schedule took years for me to perfect. I’ll admit that when I first started shooting I wasn’t able to get a high enough…

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