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The 25 Best Boudoir Poses

Welcome to our celebration of the best boudoir poses from all around the globe! Having a variety of poses to show your photography clients can drastically increase your sales… but if you find yourself going to the same poses over and over again, you aren’t alone. It can be easy to fall into a rut…

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Can’t Keep up? 3 Tips all Photogs Should Know

Are you having a hard time keeping up? Yesterday I photographed a “local celebrity” and she asked me an interesting question. She owns a local magazine and she knows exactly what it’s like to own and run a business. While she was in hair/makeup I was chatting with her and she asked me this question…

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How To Market To Your Ideal Client

Molly Keyser of Boudie Shorts teaches you how to market to your ideal boudoir photography client.

Have you ever tried to convince somebody to do a boudoir shoot with you? …and you got the dreaded, “well I need to lose 10 pounds first.” Or some other mega lame excuse? In the past I heard this excuse, A LOT. It would make an appearance at trade shows when I was talking to…

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3 changes to make to your boudoir website today

Is your website bringing you enough ideal clients? Watch the video for 3 changes you could make today to have a better converting website! Make your website an ideal client booking machine! Tell us in the comments below, which of the three changes will you make first to your website?

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