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How To Market To Your Ideal Client

Molly Keyser of Boudie Shorts teaches you how to market to your ideal boudoir photography client.

Have you ever tried to convince somebody to do a boudoir shoot with you? …and you got the dreaded, “well I need to lose 10 pounds first.” Or some other mega lame excuse? In the past I heard this excuse, A LOT. It would make an appearance at trade shows when I was talking to…

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How to Turn Your Clients into Repeat Clients

The often forgotten market is… your current bookings! We forget about them because, well, they have already booked! First off, congratulations on your booking! Was it “easy” to get that booking? After building your business, honing your craft, educating yourself for YEARS and spending countless hours on your business and marketing plans, I’d say not 😉 So once you already…

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How to Convert Website Visitors to Clients

Create a website for your photography business that converts visitors to clients with the help of marketing psychology.

Are you 100% happy with your website? Are inquiries from ideal clients pouring in from your website everyday? If  yes, go out and treat yourself to a box of wine 😉 If no, continue reading. For most photographers our website is our storefront. It’s the first thing clients see when they find and consider booking…

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