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Does Your Boudoir Photography Marketing Send the Wrong Message to Women?

Today my breakfast wasn’t Instagram worthy. My outfit and home weren’t pinterest worthy. …and my thoughts weren’t exciting enough for Facebook. This morning I read an article called, “I Actually Woke up Like This by Jenna Kutcher,” and it stopped me in my tracks. Do you ever feel this enormous pressure to be perfect? To be…

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Super Secret Boudoir Marketing Project Revealed

­­­­ Article By: Melissa Yokofich of Studio M Boudoir As a society we are subject to an onslaught of images of unattainable beauty from all different forms of readily available media. Models are airbrushed (and slimmed down) to an almost unrecognizable version of themselves.  We judge ourselves, often very harshly, based on that “ideal.” As…

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