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Georgina Cates Honest Feedback of Boudoir Certified

Honest Review of Boudoir Certified

[Snag Your Free Case Study] Hi. My name is Georgina Cares and I am in boudoir certified, and, gosh, let me think about it. Where was I before it? I’ve been photographing for over 15 years, but I was a little lost, and despite the fact that I love what I do, I didn’t love…

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Lucrative and Life-Changing Boudoir Photography, Book Review

Are you looking to connect with your clients better in order to give them, not just a great, but a life-changing boudoir photography experience? I recently read a book on the emotional connection & life-changing powers of boudoir photography called, “Body & Soul, Lucrative & Life-Changing Boudoir Photography” by Susan Eckert of Susan Eckert Photography.…

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Text Message Marketing for Boudoir Photographers

I registered for a webinar recently and it asked me to enter my name, email address, and phone number. I’m usually pretty hesitant to give out my phone number but before the field it said, “*only for webinar reminder purposes.” Since I’m on the go a lot I thought this would be a great reminder…

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