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3 changes to make to your boudoir website today

Is your website bringing you enough ideal clients? Watch the video for 3 changes you could make today to have a better converting website! Make your website an ideal client booking machine! Tell us in the comments below, which of the three changes will you make first to your website?

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Enrollment is OPEN for Boudoir Marketing Camp!

Hey Boudie Babes! Well, the day has come, and it’s FINALLY HERE! Boudoir Marketing Camp is open for enrollment! (but it ends soon so keep reading) …but unfortunately I need to limit the number of people that can join this course. And here’s why: Since we’re doing Live Q&A Calls every week, and since I…

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The Great Photo Industry Hoax and Why You’re to Blame

  I’m sick and tired of fluffy crap being sold to photographers. Every day I see random templates, backdrops (yes we need these but probably not 100), actions, camera purses, cushy retreats, and less and less HELPFUL educational info. If photography is a hobby for you and you just want to make enough money to…

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