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3 Easy to Implement Holiday Boudoir Marketing Strategies that Work

Were you hoping for more Valentine’s Day (or other holiday) boudoir photography bookings? In this article I’m going to share with you 3 easy to implement and low budget marketing strategies that get boudoir clients booking with you fast! 1. Follow up with Past Leads and Clients: It’s so easy to first think of always…

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Facebook Group Marketing for Boudoir Photographers

I think it’s safe to say that (literally) facebook pages don’t get the reach they used to. As much as we’d love to sit around all day crying into our lucky charms, it’s time to move on. The next best marketing tool facebook has to offer (aside from facebook ads) is Facebook Groups. Do you…

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Text Message Marketing for Boudoir Photographers

I registered for a webinar recently and it asked me to enter my name, email address, and phone number. I’m usually pretty hesitant to give out my phone number but before the field it said, “*only for webinar reminder purposes.” Since I’m on the go a lot I thought this would be a great reminder…

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