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Your Most Powerful Boudoir Marketing Tool (And 5 Ways to Use It)

Okay, I’m a total dork, I know, but I love watching America’s Next Top Model. I’d like to say that it’s all about watching master photographers do their thing, but let’s be real: I like the drama as much as the next person. It’s really my guilty pleasure! Anyway, one of my favorite parts of…

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The Power of the BEFORE/AFTER Photo

The Power of the BEFORE/AFTER Photo is powerful for marketing and business. Here are tips by Molly Keyser of Boudie Shorts

Why should you take before and after photos? If you shoot women’s portraiture, then you’ve heard many of the following excuses: “I’m not pretty enough for a photo shoot” “All the girls on your website are models” “I’m not a size two” “I have kids” etc, etc, etc… The before/after photo is a GREAT way…

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