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Set It and Forget It: Your Automated Client Booking Toolkit

Hey Boudie Babes!  I have something awesome to share with you today that will make your photo biz owning life A LOT easier and give you MORE time focusing on the parts of your business you love, shooting!  …let me ask you… …if you could go back in time and talk to your 18-year-old self,…

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3 Ways to Automate Your Portrait Booking Process

Are you sick of being a slave to your inbox yet? Are you sick of spending so much time and effort replying to inquiries when not all of them end up booking? It can be disheartening…when a client sends you an amazing inquiry online to not book, I get it, it can be totally draining.…

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My Secret Time-Traveling Tip for Boudoir Photographers

My to-do list often looks like this: Follow up with email boudoir inquiries Update my Facebook page, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram Post to my Facebook groups and answer questions Publish and promote a new blog post Record more videos for my Boudie Camps Balance my business checkbook Get studio ready for my next shoot ……

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