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3 Ways to Automate Your Portrait Booking Process

Are you sick of being a slave to your inbox yet? Are you sick of spending so much time and effort replying to inquiries when not all of them end up booking? It can be disheartening…when a client sends you an amazing inquiry online to not book, I get it, it can be totally draining.…

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How to Leverage Social Media Marketing without Living Online

Learn how to schedule and batch your social media marketing to take advantage of the free resource, without losing your life to the online web!

  Every morning I park in “my spot,” unlock the studio door, turn on the lights, turn on my Scentcy (mmm) and power up my computer. ¬†On the drive over chances are I was running a thought bubble list of TO DOs and getting pumped up to tackle that list for the day. What happens…

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