How To Successfully Have A “Sale” Or “Promo” For Your Photo Biz

I wanted to share with you two words that will help you with any sale or promotion, or any kind of thing you want to do to help you book more photography clients.

What I see happen a lot is photographers are like, “Okay, I need to book more photo shoots, so maybe I’ll run a sale.” So they’ll go and they’ll post on Facebook, “Hey, book a shoot with me and you’ll get 50% off.”  Something like that, right?   

But, they’re missing two key things, and these are the two key things to any sale or promotion. I don’t care if you’re doing it for Valentines day, Black Friday, a birthday sale- it doesn’t matter. These are the two key things: scarcity and urgency. Now, what does that mean, Molly?

Let me run you through an example. Let’s say you’re gonna do a Valentine’s day promotion. What you need to have is scarcity, so you need to say, “Hey, I’m running this deal for xyz for a photo shoot and it’s only for the first 10 people who book.  After that, I’m not offering this anymore.” That’s called scarcity.

Number two is urgency, meaning you have to either be the first 10 people to book or book in the next three days to get this deal. So you now have scarcity and urgency.

One last extra tip is that you could give some kind of a bonus or a gift with their purchase in order to get them booking in the first 24 hours. So let’s say you’re having a three-day deal. You can say, “Hey, if you book your shoot in the next three days or you’re one of the first ten people – whichever one comes first – you are going to get this deal for your photo shoot.  But, tell you what!  If you book in the first 24 hours of the sale, you are going to get an additional look to be photographed in for your shoot.  But after that, it’s going away.”  Then, not only are they going to take your deal because of the scarcity and urgency, but they want that extra bonus as well.

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Molly Keyser

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