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How to Have a Successful Trade Show Booth

Trade shows are a great way to meet potential boudoir clients!  Though, contrary to popular belief, you don’t need the biggest most expensive booth.  I’v seen photographers drop 3-5k EASILY on a trade show booth and its contents.  I would not advise this. If you really want a showy booth there are plenty of ways to create an eye catching booth with things you already own. I’v always taken the DYI LOW-cost route and in my experience it doesn’t matter how showy my booth is.  What matters is how many people I engage in conversation with!


  • Girls Night Out
  • Women’s Business Conference
  • Wedding Shows (I target the brides AND their moms)
  • Golf & Country Club Events (call and ask what shows you could get involved in)
  • Wine & Cheese Tasting Parties
  • TIP: Call around to other businesses and see what shows they do


  • Your Company’s Logo as a Sign
  • Materials to pass out (I prefer
  • You AND somebody to help you man the booth – your booth will get BUSY at times and you don’t want to miss an opportunity to talk with a client
  • Some kind of contest you can collect names/emails from (we require their email to enter. We email the results of the winner out the following day.)
  • Examples of your work (I’ve found most people will stay longer and engage more with albums)
  • Your company’s mission statement (something they can read while they wait to talk to you)
  • Before & Afters (people respond HUGELY to these)
  • Business cards to pass and so you can connect with other vendors
  • A special or incentive they can receive if they book you that day AT the trade show

The last booth I had I took the most minimalist approach that I could.  I figured if everyone else had these HUGE booths then perhaps mine having close to nothing would draw attention.  All I had were 10 – 3D viewfinders with boudoir photos inside and a contest.  At first people came to my booth because they were curious what it was. Once the word got out people were lined up at my booth to view the scandalous photos!

For me, the key to a successful show is being as personable as you can be.  The more people you meet and talk with the higher chance you have of getting a booking.  Don’t forget to mingle with the other vendors as well! I’ve made some KILLER business connections by chatting up other vendors.  I’ve also booked a lot of head shots and boudoir sessions with vendors as well.

Are you looking for even more tips about being successful with trade shows? Like my Facebook page here – it’s where I share tons of tips about how to be successful while marketing your business at events.

Molly Keyser of Boudie Shorts gives you tips on how to have a successful booth at a trade show for your boudoir photography business.

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