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How to Style Your Boudoir Model Shoots to Attract Your Ideal Customers

Your portfolio is more than just a way of showcasing your best work – it’s also the perfect way to attract your ideal customer.

If you can showcase in your portfolio and on your website the style of shoots you know your ideal customers will love, you’re much more likely to attract (you guessed it!) more of your ideal customers.

So here’s how you do that.

When working with models for model shoots for your portfolio, the first thing is to let your model know if you’re trying to go for a certain look.

If you’re not sure what that style is yet, I would recommend thinking of your ideal client and then creating a Pinterest board based on what you think they’d like.

I’m not talking about a super themed shoot either, but just ‘dark and moody’ or ‘light and airy’, things like that. This is something you can also share with your model so they know what types of things they should bring to wear.

Then you need to open up a line of communication with your model and say, “Hey, this is the Pinterest board, this is the look and feel I’m going for, do you have any outfits that would work well for this style?” and they can start to send you pictures of what they have and you can write them back and open up a line of communication to come up with the perfect outfits for the shoot.

How to Style Your Boudoir Model Shoots to Attract Your Ideal Customers

I would recommend doing about 3 outfits but that’s totally up to you. If all else fails I just go to a solid black bra and panties, and you can dress that up any way you want with accessories like jewelry or just with different styles of make-up.

If my models don’t have anything that I think showcases the style I’m going for, there’s a few stores I like to shop at online that I can use as a backup. That way if all else fails I can buy a piece for them to wear for the shoot.

Here’s a list of websites I’ve found a lot of really good deals on their sales section or on Black Friday, etc.

These are all websites I’ve bought pieces from in the past that have worked out really well.

Now, I do not provide outfits for my regular clients and I typically don’t provide outfits for models. But if I’m just starting my portfolio and I want to achieve a certain look and feel and my models just don’t have anything that works, I will go out and buy something for them so I can insure that my portfolio will show off exactly the look I want and be received exactly the way I want.

How to Style Your Boudoir Model Shoots to Attract Your Ideal Customers

That way I’ll be more likely to attract more of my ideal customers, which will be really good for my business in the long run.

So again, you really want to keep the lines of communication open. So when your model books, send them a welcome email with all the information.

Make sure you recommend they get their hair colored a few days before their shoot so they don’t have roots showing, and make sure that they know that if they have roots showing it will show up in their pictures and you can’t photoshop it. Some people just don’t know better so they’ll show up with their roots showing.

Also tell them to get their nails done or paint them at home and tell them that if they don’t have their nails done it will show up in your pictures and you can’t photoshop that.

Of course you need to word it nicely, but the point is you need to make sure they know what to expect and how to prepare for their shoot.

Next, make suggestions regarding their tan. If you would prefer no tan, specify that. Or if you would prefer a spray tan or tanning beds, specify that.

How to Style Your Boudoir Model Shoots to Attract Your Ideal Customers

I personally prefer no tan or spray tan, as I’ve found that tans from tanning beds turn orange in the images. Spray tans I don’t mind, though I do know some other photographers don’t like it. Regardless of what your preference is, just make sure you communicate that to your models.

The real key is communication and communicating to your client what the theme and idea is for the shoot so that you and your model will both be happy.

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