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Want to Start a Portrait Photography Business?


Molly Marie of Boudie Shorts will teach you how to get started in boudoir photography l 


Hey there! Molly Marie here!

Through the appropriate marketing, pricing, and sales strategies I had built my portrait business from .81 cents to 6 figures/year.

Whether you’re an experienced photographer looking to get into boudoir for the first time or a brand new photographer trying to make your way, I’m here to help you!

I have resources for all levels. From beginners, to advanced photographers!

You have a business; now, let me help you grow it!



Resources for Beginner Photographers:

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5 Tips to Help You Start a Successful Boudoir Business

If you’re thinking about starting a boudoir photography business or if you want to make boudoir a bigger part of your business than it currently is, here are five things I recommend doing.

How to Price Boudoir Photography

There is a system to pricing your Boudoir Photography, and I’m going to show you how. Let’s stop the ‘Price is Right’ guessing, and learn how to price your Boudoir Photography the RIGHT way.

Where to Shoot Boudoir without a Studio Space

I see this holding people back ALL THE TIME – not having a studio space! But honestly, I know many very successful boudoir photographers who do not have a commercial space or even a home studio. Here’s how they do it!

How to Edit a Portrait Session for Viewing in 30 Minutes

Yes, I do same-day viewings with clients, and this has made my sales skyrocket. You want people to make purchase decisions when they are still excited from the shoot! In this post, I walk through my process, and how I use In-Person Sales Techniques.


Tools for You:

Sign Your Boudie Up for Camp!

I have four Boudie Camps to help you start and grow your boudoir business, so you can take home 6-figures per year just like I do. This blog post is going to break down your options so you can decide which camp is best for you! Plus, this post includes a special discount code for each camp so you can enroll today at a lower price point!

Model Call

Build your portfolio while you get paid! Hundreds of photographers are already using my Model Call system, and I use it myself to make money while also building my portfolio. Use the code MOLLY10 now to receive 10% off Model Call!

Dream Shoot Planner

I don’t have to spend time convincing people to do a shoot with me. I let my automated emails do the work for me! With my Dream Shoot Planner system, you can spend less time answering emails and spend more time doing what you love – shooting boudoir! Use MOLLY10 to get 10% off Dream Shoot Planner right now!



Advanced Resources:

Biggest Mistakes Boudoir Photogs are Making (and how to avoid them)

This is one of my most popular blog posts, and for good reason – a LOT of boudoir photographers are making these mistakes. Read this post to make sure that you aren’t!

Boudoir Contracts

My friend Rachel at The Law Tog is seriously a life-saver. She created templates specifically for photographers so you can make sure your boudie is covered. Don’t shoot without them!

How to Make a Gorgeous Studio Makeup Station for Any Budget!

Are your clients getting their hair and makeup done in your boudoir studio? If so check out this gorgeous makeup station DIY for any budget! It’s important your clients have a luxury experience from start to finish!