Photographers, Why Being A Solo Act Could Kill Your Business

I wanted to chat with you about something really, really serious today: why remaining a solo act in your business could actually kill your business.

Now, let’s go back to a few years ago as I was booking lots of clients and I decided to get a studio. Which is awesome, right? But I realized, “Man, if I’m booking all these clients, how am I gonna keep up with all this editing?” And this was even before I was doing just Boudoir. So even when I was doing weddings and things like that, I knew that I needed help with editing.

What I did, was I went out and I hired someone to help me with editing. Now, I didn’t go to some big name editing service, like a corporation or anything like that. What I did was I actually turned to a friend, and I said, “Listen. Are you interested in this? You seem like you are someone who has a very good eye for detail. I would love to train you to edit. I’ll pay you $10 an hour.” And she was like, “Sure. Cool.”

And so I essentially trained a friend to help me with editing. And I know a lot of you guys are probably thinking, “Well, the way I edit is different, or difficult, or hard to understand.” And let me tell you that anyone can learn what it is that you are willing to teach them. So it’s all in your head. It’s all disbeliefs, why you think someone couldn’t be trained on that. So if you need help with editing, get help with editing. Maybe it is training a friend or a family member, or maybe it is going with a small service like Starboard Editing, who’s actually my friend that I trained to edit, so she’s amazing … She’s been editing now for like 10 years, so go check her out … Or maybe it looks like hiring someone to help schedule your social media posts.

You can just get contractors, you don’t have to get full time employees. You can go to Upwork and get someone as a contractor to help you. Or, you know, recruit your friends and family, or hire a college student to help you out. That’s really where I started. I started with a friend helping me with editing, and I hired a few interns from the local college. Paid interns, of course. And they helped me with design work, and social media, and things like that.

So, what I’m getting at is, being a solo act in your business could kill your business.

Once you understand how to get bookings and how to sell customers, then, once you’re busy, it’s time for you to start looking at getting some help.

Comment below with the word help, which is kind of silly, but oh well. But by you commenting below, help, it’s saying you’re not above thinking that everything has to be done by you. You realize you need help in your business, and you’re gonna commit by commenting help below to get help that you need in your business, and really start taking that journey to stop being that solo act.

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Molly Keyser

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