My #1 social media hack

Today I wanted to share with you one of my absolute favorite social media hacks. That is because I see so many times with photographers, and also any entrepreneurs online, is a lot of times they’ll make a post in their group, or on their business page, or anywhere…they’ll just make a post and then they’ll leave.

Then they get really disappointed when no one is commenting and engaging. The thing is that, you really have to finagle the post a little bit. Until you have a big following, you really need to kind of put in the work to get your posts being seen and replied to. Here’s a few of my tricks or hacks, if you will, to get my posts to have better engagement.

When I post something, first of all, I always make sure to lead with a question or some sort of interesting statement, so that people will actually read the post. Then I keep it short, to the point, and I always end with a call to action. The call to action is either asking to comment with a word below, which you’ll see me do at the end of this, or ask for a like, or a follow. Now comments and shares get your posts the most boosts on the newsfeed, the most engagement, so definitely ask for that first, the comment or the share. Then next would probably be the like or the follow. What I do is as soon as I make that post, again, I make sure it has a good leading, a good question, it has a good call to action, but then what I’ll do is I will like the post myself, and I will private message a couple of my friends, and ask if they wouldn’t mind liking and commenting on that post.

I make sure that I do that within the first one to five minutes the post has been made, because then it helps the post … It helps Facebook know people are interested in this post, which will help it get seen more on the newsfeed. It’s really not as easy as just posting and walking away, especially when you first start doing your business. No one ever said business was easy, right? You have to kind of finagle it, you have to kind of claw your way to the top a little bit, right? Get a group of business friends together, maybe your local friends, or family, or anyone like that, and ask them when you post something, private message them and say, “Hey, would you mind commenting the word, whatever your call to action word is on this post, would you mind liking it? Would you mind giving me a follow? Thank you so much. If you need that in return, let me know.”

I hope you guys really enjoyed this tip. It’s going to help you get more engagement. In the beginning, you really have to do what it takes to get to the top, right? Go ahead and comment the word, “top” below this video if you are ready to get to the top of your social media game!

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Molly Keyser

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