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Simplifying your Price List – Tips for Larger Sales


Hey Boudie Lovers! Is your price list more than one page? Do you offer a bunch of different options between sizes, colors, personalization, number of prints, add ons, and more? Do your clients constantly looked overwhelmed and confused during the order session?

Have any of them said “I’ll have to think about it?”

It’s time to simplify your price list!

Why would simplifying my price list bring me larger sales?

When a client is confused it’s SO much easier for them to just shut down, order one thing or worse yet order nothing! When the choices are simple your clients are able to focus more on the photos AND choose an option quickly an easily. Another downfall of a large price list is time. It will take you a lot longer to explain the entire price list and your clients a lot longer to understand it. Even if your clients come to understand the list it will take them more time to come to a decision with the more options that are thrown at them. The faster they can decide the happier you will all be!

How does simplifying my price list help me? 

Just like the different services you offer the less you offer the more you will understand and be able to truly specialize in that product or service. If you have a large price list chances are you don’t even know your prices off the top of your head. If you have a small price list you will know your prices/products by heart and be able to talk about them easily.  Next time you run into a potential client at the mall you’ll be able to quickly describe your shoot and your prices to her with her leaving with a confused face.

Alright! So let’s get this pricing comment party STARTED! Go to to see how I’ve helped photographers increase their sales by simplifying their price lists, plus so many other business tips and strategies! 

Simplify Your price list to increase your sales!

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Molly Keyser

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