The #1 Sign It’s Time To Quit Your Photography Business


Not what you were expecting this week, huh?

Every photographer has fantasized about quitting at one point or another. Maybe it’s the end of a really long day when your feet and your back hurt and you swear you’ll have a permanent twitch in your eye. Or maybe you’re holding back tears while a client or the mother of the client is yelling at you about how things are supposed to go and you’re already not getting paid enough for the shoot as is. Or you’ve been promoting and marketing and working your butt off, yet you only have three bookings for the month and not enough revenue to cover your studio fees. Or you just got notified that someone left a bad review on Yelp or your site. You’re tired, you’re stressed, and you’re just ready to be done with it all.

I get it; I’ve been there.

In fact, I was there not too long ago, even with a booming business! I was tired, I didn’t feel inspired, one of my employees just quit, and I was at a conference where everything just felt wrong. You see my success and my happiness, but I have some really hard days, too. I feel like I’m always pouring helpfulness and support and happiness, so it hits me hard when I see a complaint or a bad review. And I’m sure you’ve felt that way, too.

Then the thoughts start to roll in: maybe I should just quit. Things aren’t going perfectly and people aren’t happy, so why am I doing this? Why am I working so hard at something that makes me so miserable?

The answer: you continue to do it because you love it. The hardest days doesn’t compare to the best days, doesn’t even hold a candle to it. When you see your client’s eyes light up when she sees her photos, you know it’s all worth it.

Take a second and think about what your life would be like if you quit your photography business. You’d likely end up in some corporate job that you hate, that you had been avoiding by becoming a photographer. You’d be miserable because you’re not doing what you love!

We all have ups and downs. But quitting is a fantasy because we’ll never be able to do it and be happy. Just because you’re having a bad day doesn’t mean you no longer love what you do. It just means you need to realign with your vision and rework your business.

It’s hard to run a business. It’s never easy, but it’s easier when you have help and a mentor and support. Especially when that help is specifically for photographers and that mentor is a photographer and can understand everything you’re going through and knows exactly how to get you through it.

So here’s the truth: there is no #1 sign that you should quit. If you have a photography business, it’s because you love it, and if you love it, you can never quit it. If you truly don’t love it, if you hate photography and running your own business down in your core, then that’s your sign to quit. But by then it’s pretty obvious. Otherwise, you should never quit.

You are special. You are loved, What you do is special. Don’t quit. Don’t quit over the 1% when the other 99% is amazing. Instead, just step back and reevaluate. Reach out and get help with whatever you’re struggling with: marketing, accounting, customer service, whatever.

And I’m here to help. I have a program that is designed specifically for photographers that love photography and are serious about making it a 6-figure business but need help to get there. It’s possible to have your business and love it too. Get all the info here:

The #1 Sign It's Time to Quit

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