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Where To Share Your Portrait Portfolio Online to Attract Bookings

Where To Share Your Portrait Portfolio Online to Attract BookingsOnce you’ve taken the time to create an amazing boudoir portfolio, where is the best place for it to live?

There’s actually three places I recommend keeping your boudoir portfolio. Here’s what they are and why I recommend them:

1. Your Website

First of all, it should first and foremost live on your website. You should have a link on your website called ‘portfolio’ or ‘boudoir’ or ‘work’ or something like that, and this should showcase around 10-25 of your best boudoir images.

I really would recommend limiting it to 25 images though – you want to show them the look and feel of your photography and that you’re a professional and can do consistent images, but you don’t want to go overboard and you don’t want to overwhelm them or take up all their time scrolling through too many images.

Your portfolio should also be linked on your website so that it’s really easy to find, something like or; something super simple so that if you have to reference it you can.

Where To Share Your Portrait Portfolio Online to Attract Bookings

2. Facebook

Next, I would recommend making an album on Facebook and putting all of your portfolio images in there. That way if somebody finds your Facebook page, they can click on ‘photos’ and see your best work right off the bat.

3. Your Phone

The next, and my favorite way to showcase my portfolio, is by putting an app on my phone that showcases those same pictures, but also has my phone number, my email address, and an incentive to book – so maybe a coupon book or $100 off if they book within a week of seeing the coupon or something like that.

Where To Share Your Portrait Portfolio Online to Attract Bookings

The cool thing about the app is you can make your own at, which is what I use.

The other cool thing is that once the app is on your phone, once you meet someone in person and you’re telling them who you are, what you do and that you’re an empowering boudoir photographer for everyday women, you can click that app and show them all those photos.

Then, with one touch of a button you can actually send that app to their phone as well so they can have that app on their phone. Then they have all your images on their phone, and the last image could even be an incentive to book or a coupon or $100 off or something like that.

And then they can have the app on their phone and can share it with their friends, and it will spread like wild fire.

Where To Share Your Portrait Portfolio Online to Attract Bookings

If you don’t have this app or don’t want to invest, another thing you can do is go on your phone in Safari, go to your website, click on your portfolio, and then you can click the square with the arrow in it at the bottom and click ‘add to home screen.’

This essentially creates a shortcut/app on your home screen that you can click any time and open up your portfolio.

So if you’re in a networking meeting or an event or you meet someone in person and you want to show them your work, it’s super simple and you can show them your whole portfolio in one click.

Those are some of the best places to put your portfolio and how to showcase them so you’re not only showcasing your portfolio but you’re also giving them incentive to book.

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Do you think you’re over shooting? Do you do in person sales? Why or why not?

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