Photographers: Should you share your clients’ stories online?



Do you think you should share your clients’ stories online?

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I’m asked, “Do your clients really let you put their images online?” The answer is not always so black and white.  Some of my clients agree and sign the release form to let me share their images online. Some clients don’t. The clients who say no might have a job where they are a teacher or doctor, and they don’t want people to know that they did a boudoir shoot, and that’s 100% okay.  But if a client has given their approval, I 100% think that you should share their stories online.

Just like many things in life, a lot of people keep things to themselves.  But when you share something, it’s actually benefiting a number of people that were able to hear that story, right? Maybe there are a bunch of other people out there who want to do boudoir shoots right now, but they’re nervous.  They may have insecurities or be curious about what boudoir photography is.    

Those clients that have already come to you have a story about that.  So if you are able to share their story and say, “Look, Amber was nervous about doing the boudoir shoot, too, but she did it and look at her results” or “Amber wasn’t sure if her husband was gonna like the idea that she did these pictures, but he did and look at these results.”

So how do you get the story?  All you have to do to share your clients’ stories is ask them when they’re at the studio.  I don’t know about you guys, but when I’m doing a shoot, my clients tell me a lot about themselves. So just ask them, “Hey, can I share your story online?”  If they say yes, then you can follow up with a questionnaire where they can tell you more about it.  Then you can take that info and share it in a blog post. It will be really well received and help you to book a lot more shoots.

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