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Photographers, should you take the plunge and offer boudoir?

I wanna talk to you today about the ever pressing question, “Should you offer boudoir photography?”

Now, you guys know I’m gonna say yes to this, because I shoot boudoir full-time, and I educate photographers on boudoir full-time, so you already know that my answer is yes, but let me tell you why you need to offer boudoir.

In all seriousness you guys, I don’t know about you, but I really fell in love with photography in high school. I loved it. I ate it, slept it, breathed it, loved it, okay? Anything I would do, I would document it. I would take walks just so I could take pictures, I would do all this different stuff, but what happened was, once I dropped out of school to get into weddings, I actually started to lose my love of photography. I didn’t really enjoy weddings. It was working on the weekends, dealing with sometimes Bridezillas, I’m not gonna lie. The wedding industry just really isn’t for me.

I needed to be part of something bigger than that … A lot of my clients would be like, “Oh, we spent a hundred thousand dollars on our wedding” or whatever it was, and I needed to be a part of something bigger than that. I wanted to be a part of something that would really create change for all my clients. They’re gonna be in love no matter what happens at their wedding, right? So, I wanted to be able to create some kind of a change. What happened was, I was photographing an engagement session, and one of my clients said to me, “Would you take pictures of me in lingerie to give as a gift to my husband?” I was like, “Sure. I’ve never done that before, but let’s do it.”

Long story short, I did the photo shoot even though I was super nervous. I rented a hotel room because I didn’t have a studio, which is totally fine by the way. What happened was, she went from super self-conscious to just full of confidence. This is someone who was getting Botox and getting boob jobs and getting all this kind of stuff done because she wasn’t confident in herself, and when I showed her that back of the camera, she just started crying.

By the way, nothing against Botox and boob jobs. I just realized that sounded kind of bad, because I’m not against that, but the point was that she personally was self-conscious and that is why she chose those things, and when she saw the back of the camera, she literally cried and told me that she finally saw herself as beautiful, and didn’t believe what everyone else had been telling her over the years. Once that happened, I knew that I had found my calling. I knew that this was what I wanted to do.

If I could help more women to see and actually believe in their beauty, how everyone else sees them … I’m sure you have a friend that you think is absolutely gorgeous, and she just doesn’t get it. Wouldn’t you love if you could change that for her? If you could change her whole perspective on herself for the rest of her life? It’s incredible. That’s the other reason why I decided to help educate photographers, this is my calling and now I can do it on an even bigger scale.

The more photographers that I can help to fall in love with boudoir, and make it profitable in their business. They’re in turn going to photograph more boudoir sessions of more women and in turn, change more women’s feelings and beliefs around their own self, all around the world.

That wasn’t short. That was kind of long actually, but I’m really passionate about it. If you guys are passionate about boudoir too, or even just thinking about getting into it, or this post sparks something or changes something for you, comment “passion” below.

Bye, guys! Go show women how beautiful they are!

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Molly Keyser

Boudoir photographer and business coach, I am dedicated to changing the world with the power of a camera. Originally from Wisconsin, I'm now in Texas, but I help photographers around the world learn how to go full-time with boudoir photography.