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Photographers, Should You Have a Separate Site for Each Niche?

Photographers, Should You Have a Separate Site for Each Niche?One of the most popular questions I get asked by photographers is if they should have a separate website for each niche they shoot.

So if they shoot boudoir and weddings – should those each have their own website?

Here’s the thing – every time you create a website along with that comes site maintenance: protecting it from being hacked, updating plugins, SEO & much more.

Personally I’m a fan of getting the most impact with the least amount of work.

So before I give you my defining answer, let me share a quick story with you.

When I first started shooting boudoir I decided to create a new site for it. I was afraid my wedding clients would be off put by seeing half-naked photos of women on my site.

Photographers, Should You Have a Separate Site for Each Niche?

So I went ahead and created a new brand, new name, new website. Then along with that came new social media profiles, new email marketing campaign, new packaging and SO much more.

Soon I felt like I was running TWO businesses. Everything was TWICE as much work and you know what I learned from all of this chaos?

Having a separate brand WASN’T booking me more photo shoots – so what was the point?!

In fact it was costing me more money and more of my time!

In addition to the time management I now had to host two sites, have two URLS, etc. etc.

You can see how photographers can go down this rabbit hole very quickly.

Photographers, Should You Have a Separate Site for Each Niche?

So here’s what I would advise.

I would advise having ONE photography website.

From there you can have multiple portfolios: one for weddings, one for families & one for boudoir (or whatever the niches you shoot are).

So right now you might be thinking – yes – doing less work sounds great but what will my clients think?! What if they go to my site and there are half naked women on there?!

First off – nobody cares. Truly.

I have asked EVERY SINGLE client I’ve had that wasn’t a boudoir shoot if they cared that I had boudoir photos up in my studio and boudoir photos on my website and they all said they loved it. In fact I have booked shoots from it!

Moms would come in for a family shoot and see I did boudoir and then call/email me later.

Not to mention it’s not like you need to showcase your boudoir photos front and center on your website. You can have them as a separate portfolio you link to when your marketing is boudoir specific.

Know the bottom line is that it’s your choice.

Photographers, Should You Have a Separate Site for Each Niche?

If you feel in your gut you NEED to have a separate website even after considering all of the negatives I shared with you today, then go for it. After all it’s YOUR business and that’s the glory of being a business owner.

Either way I hope you found this post helpful in answering the ever plaguing question.

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Do you think photographers should have one website or multiple? Why?

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