A Referral Program For Your Photography Business That Actually Works!

I want to talk to you guys today about a referral program that actually works!  Here’s the thing, it’s a lot of work for us to get one customer, so why not try to turn that customer into a repeat customer, or get them to send us another photography booking, right?  So that way we can get more customers, right?

So here’s what I want you to do. Once you have a booked client, you’ve done their pictures and they’ve ordered from you, then I want you to send them a sticky album. This is a mobile app that you can find by googling “sticky album,” and you want to make this app available for each client.  So any of the photos they order and pay for, they are gonna get them through this app. Let’s say they order ten photos from you.  So it will show ten photos in the app, and the 11th photo is actually going to be a designed jpeg that says like, “Hey, for every friend that you refer, you will get a $50 massage gift card and they’ll get $100 off their order.”

This works amazing because they are going to be sharing that app with their friends, showing them their photos and then that last thing shows up.  They’ll be like, “Oh yeah, by the way, they have this thing where if you book your shoot you get a $100.00 off and I get a massage.” Win-win!

So that is your referral tip using the mobile app from sticky albums with that particular tip on there.  Comment below with the word “referral” if you want to really commit yourself to taking action on this tip. Then tag a friend if you think that they would learn from this as well.

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Molly Keyser

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