Photographers: Here’s a referral program that works

Today I wanted to share with you quickly a referral program strategy that simply works. Sound good? If you’re excited, let me know. Give me a like, comment, share.

How I do my referral programs, is each client that comes into my studio, when they place their order, once they’ve paid in full and once I’ve delivered them their order, along with their order I actually surprise them with a mobile app.

I personally use a program called Sticky Albums, and that goes on their phone. It has all the photos that they ordered.  I don’t give them every single photo, but I give them the photos that they ordered. The very last images says, “Thank you so much for being a client of ours. The best compliment that you can give us is to send your friends our way. And as a thank you, we will give to your friend a $100 credit towards their shoot, and we will gift you a x,y,z, gift card of your choice.” We change it up sometimes. We partner with local businesses, things like that. And it’s on the mobile app, and it works so well because they share it with their friends, and when their friends see their photos and they like them, then they see the incentive, and their friends see the incentive, and it’s just awesome.

That is my referral program strategy. I hope you enjoyed it. If you did, please leave me a like, follow, comment, or a share. I’d really, really appreciate it. And comment the word “referral” below if you are ready to commit yourself to taking action on this strategy.

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Molly Keyser

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