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The Products My Clients Buy Again and Again

When you’re putting together your product list and collections, it can be a challenge to figure out what to offer. Especially when you look online and see printing companies offering tons and tons of different items, like calendars, viewfinders, accordion albums, mousepads, and everything else you can think of. But here’s the problem with all of that:

It’s just gimmicky stuff they’re trying to sell to make more money.

And that’s not a strategy you need to implement in your own business! I thought that I had to sell all these different add ons to provide value and to differentiate myself from the competition, but it just created more headaches for me. For example, I tried offering calendars, but clients would want 12 different sets and 12 different outfits for that, and it was just too much work to sell 12 images. And viewfinders are fun, especially when you’re advertising at a booth, but clients aren’t going to want to spend a hundred dollars for a piece of plastic.

The trick is to offer just a few–about 2 or 3–core items that are high quality and high value. Your client will be more likely to spend more money on the important things when they’re not distracted or overwhelmed with a bunch of little add on options, and your life will be a lot easier with more straight forward orders.

These are the 3 things I offer to my clients:

  1. Albums – either 6×6 (best seller) or 8×8, all black or all white
  2. Photo Boxes 
  3. Wall Art – Canvas (best seller) or print

That’s it. I make sure that what I offer is high quality, the type of  thing that my clients can instantly recognize as valuable, and I don’t bother with anything else. I offer either the album or box with a different amount of prints per package, then wall art as an add on, and I continuously make high sales.

I’ve been doing this for a long time, and I’ve learned that less is more. Make it simple, and everyone will be happier! High value art is more valuable than a gimmick.

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These are the most popular products my photography clients buy again and again!



Molly of Boudie Shorts tells you the most popular products her boudoir photography clients buy again and again.

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