Profitable Pricing & Packages for Portrait Photographers


Profitable Pricing & Packages for Portrait Photographers takes all the guesswork out of setting your photography prices. Learn exactly how to choose what to put in each package, how to make sure your prices are set to meet your personal income goals, and when to show them to your clients for the best results.

Stop worrying about how to pay your bills and start making the type of money you deserve as a portrait photographer. This ebook is going to teach you how to do it.

Plus, you get a bonus spreadsheet that makes the math of figuring out your pricing easy!

(If you really want to kick-start your pricing, also check out our pricing guide template, which makes it super easy to pop in your prices and present to your clients.)

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With your purchase, you get the Profitable Pricing & Packages ebook, along with the bonus editable financial planning spreadsheet.


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