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How To Educate Clients on Your Products and Prices

It’s important to take time to educate your clients about the products you sell and what they cost.  I understand that the scariest part of an inquiry can be having to tell potential clients what you charge, in fear that they might run away.  As long as you’re putting information and value along with your price list there’s nothing more you should do. They’re already interested in your services otherwise they wouldn’t have contacted you.  As much as you love putting it off, the worst thing would be to get to the ordering session and have the client go “I didn’t know your prices were so high!!”  You don’t want to have the client leave angry or for you to do all that work and not end up with a sale.

Here are the following steps you can take to further insure your clients is well educated.

Step 1.

When a potential client inquires with you, send them your pricing and information.
TIP: I send a link to all my reviews along in this email to help add value.

Step 2.

Send your client a welcome email upon booking with you, again, list your products/prices along with the welcome info.

Step 3.

I send my clients a questionnaire before their shoot to better get to know them. In this I have a check menu where they can check which product(s)  they’re most interested in.

Step 4.

When the client arrives, I show them my products in person. I tell them we will do the viewing/ordering session later but that I wanted them to see how beautiful the products were in person (likely they’ve only seen photos of my products online at this point.)

Step 5.

Before we start the viewing I go over my packages/prices one more time. Next, we narrow down the photos to their favorites. The rest of the  ordering session will fall smoothly into place because both you and the client are clear on the package information.

These steps show you how you can educate your clients about product options five times during the shoot process. Also, if they walk in expecting to spend your minimum, they are are more likely to jump up a little bit to get ALL of the photos they “must have.” If your client walks in uneducated, then no matter what you charge they will be shocked and either spend the minimum or leave.

Educate your clients and you will both leave the ordering session HAPPY. 🙂


Want more education on how to structure your business, shoots, and client interaction? Schedule a 1:1 strategy session with me or one of my trained coaches to build a customizable plan just for you!

Avoid an awkward sales session by educating your clients on your products and pricing well before the shoot. Molly Keyser of Boudie Shorts tells you how!

Pricing is always something that your client is concerned about. With the right process, you can educate your clients on your products and pricing to avoid a loss of sale.

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