Price Consistency is Sexy

Q) “Hey! Quick question for you-do you have the same pricing for boudoir and glamour shots?


I’m kicking around trying some glamour shoots to help bring in more income. “

A) I think offering different kinds of “women’s portraits” is a great idea. At my studio the only difference between boudoir and glamour are the clothes you choose. A lot of women will feel more comfortable booking “glamour” over “boudoir” simply because it seems less scary/revealing and, they can pronounce it 😉

Most of my glamour clients will end up bringing a “boudoir” outfit and most of my boudoir clients will end up bringing a “glamour” outfit.

Whether they book under either title they are still getting the same welcome email, the same questionnaire, the same hair/makeup, the same full experience, and the same price list.

If you haven’t already been offering glamour to your clients promoting it could be a new and exciting reason for them to book a shoot with you OR book another shoot with you.

I have many repeat clients at my studio. I need to constantly keep marketing NEW ideas for shoots to keep them coming back. Whether it’s suggesting a new theme, new outfits, a new location, or a new “type” of shoot, it’s all about keeping things new and exciting.

Another reason glamour is great is because many women will only make a purchase if it can be practical in some way. Boudoir can be practical because they can give it as a gift. Many of my clients will book glamour because they might also need head shots, promotional photos, etc. Just because they say this doesn’t mean that is 100% why they are booking 😉

Many women feel they need to have an “excuse” as to booking because otherwise people may feel they are “self absorbed.” Maybe this is a Wisconsin thing but I’m pretty sure it’s not, I have heard many women say this 😉 Knowing the most popular reasons I’ve listed above, think of ways that you can market it in a practical way. Make sure that you are listing what they are getting besides hair/makeup, shoot, product etc.

Make sure you mention what they will be getting out of the experience: a boost of confidence, photos for their room/closet, a gift for a significant other, pampering time, a liberating feeling, etc.

Good luck with your new offerings!

And I have to ask… What is ONE new offering that you’re adding to your boudoir business??! (Share in the comments.) I’m so excited to see what you decide!


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Molly Keyser

Boudoir photographer and business coach, I am dedicated to changing the world with the power of a camera. Originally from Wisconsin, I'm now in Texas, but I help photographers around the world learn how to go full-time with boudoir photography.