Best Post Shoot Workflow for Photographers


What is the best workflow for photographers?  I’m gonna take you through my workflow, because obviously I think it’s the best, because that’s why I do it.

So here’s my workflow:

  1. Once my clients order their pictures, what I do is I have an order form, so I write down their order. So let’s say that they got twenty photos in an album. So for me, that would mean they get twenty photos in an album and they get those same twenty photos digitally.
  2. I send the twenty photos that they chose to my editor. She edits the photos. She skin-retouches the photos. She creates the album. So we just do a White House Custom Colour album and we do one photo per page and do a black background. It looks simple, clean and nice.
  3. My editor edits the photos, retouches them, designs the album and then we go ahead and place the order with White House Custom Colour.
  4. We drop ship their order and we select the gift wrapping. And that’s pretty much it.
  5. My VA (virtual assistant) will email that client and say, “Hey, your images are ready. Here’s the link to your images on Dropbox.”

So that’s the workflow. Super easy, right? And I think the key to getting an easy workflow is to having packages that are simple.  I cut down my time by so much right now.  All I’m doing is one-hour for the shoot, 30 minutes to prep for the viewing and then a one hour viewing. So it’s maybe three or four hours of my time total and I don’t even have to do order pickups anymore since I’m drop shipping them (which I actually really prefer because a lot of my clients live out of town).   

So that is my workflow. I hope you guys like it and it will help you simplify your workflow. Comment the word “workflow” below this video if you enjoyed it and tag any of your friends that you think that would enjoy this as well. Be sure to like Boudie Shorts on Facebook and follow so you can get more helpful, simple videos like this one.

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