Pleasing Poses She’ll Beg to Pay you for

In this blog post you’ll learn:

-Why repeating poses isn’t a bad thing

-How to learn from your past client orders

Why Repeating Poses Isn’t a Bad Thing:

I think a lot of times we feel that we shouldn’t repeat poses that we have already used because it makes us feel like we are copying ourselves. The ‘creative’ in us is saying that we need to be unique. After all, photography is an art, isn’t it?! This blog post is going to teach you why repeating poses isn’t always a bad thing! We will also learn how looking at your clients past orders will tell you much more than you think!

Although photography is an art it’s also a business (that is unless you are an artist or a hobbyist but I’m guessing most of you here want to or already do own Boudoir studios/businesses). The goal is to have a business that is profitable all while being able to do what you love which is creating art through your photography.

There are a few key things having Go To Poses will help you with:

Go to poses are poses that you do at every single shoot.

I don’t want you to think

that I’m saying to do the same poses for every shoot, because that’s not what I’m saying. What I’m saying is that you should have a few go to poses that you can use to warm up. So, poses that you KNOW well, can nail with any body type, and sell well in the sales room. Doing this will help you keep a consistent look for your photography, create poses that your clients will talk about, create poses that you are known for, and give you great consistent sales.

1) Having go to poses let’s you practice these poses over and over so you are a master at them.

2) These should be poses that can flatter any body type and you KNOW will sell in the sales room.

3) Since your go to poses are second nature to you, you can spend more time in the beginning comforting your client’s nerves, and getting to know her.

4) Your clients come to you because they like your work online so keeping it consistent is key. Again, I’m not saying they won’t like new things but you KNOW they will like what they’ve already seen online.

So how do you come up with a list of GO TO POSES?

Over time I started to see women gravitating towards certain poses. They liked certain ones and they bought certain ones. So I made sure to do these at every shoot before experimenting. If you start off with experimenting you never know how that could turn out.

If you’d like to see my go to poses or use them in your business you can view the pose books I made.

My first pose book is free and can be downloaded here.
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The third book can be found here.

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Not only do my pose books contain my Go To Poses but they also list props I use, how to make a bed prop for $15, AND the camera gear and settings I use.

You can certainly do this yourself overtime by surveying your clients, analyzing, and noticing patterns. I looked at past orders over the last 3 years to notice which images were consistently being ordered the most.

So don’t feel like you need to reinvent the wheel with every client. Nail your go to poses and then experiment. It’s important when you’re running a business to have a system so you can have a consistent cash flow. However, as photographers we still need that room to be creative and to constantly keep growing!

What’s your favorite go-to boudoir pose? Share a picture of your favorite boudoir pose below! xoxo


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