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How to do a photoshoot without a studio

How to do a shoot without a studio.

Now, when I first started out, I did not have a studio for the first four years that I was in business. So I would do shoots on location or in client’s homes, or in hotels, or I would ask permission for a book from the bookstore, or I would ask permission from a restaurant. I would find cool locations. I would go out, and I would scout locations before the shoot. I would ask permission if I needed to or pay any kind of fees that needed to be paid or anything like that.

Now, if you are an intimate photographer, like say, boudoir for example and you need something indoors, again, you can use client’s homes, a room in your house, a hotel, an Airbnb, the possibilities really are endless.

If you’re sitting here thinking, yeah, I wish that I could be a professional photographer but I don’t have a studio, think again. Because, like I said, I didn’t have a studio for four years and I still was able to bring in a full time income from my photography business.

My next step was I then found a studio space that I could share with another business owner and then I got my own studio. So it took me a number of years to really save up, and feel confident and have that consistent flow of clients enough for me to get my own studio.

If that’s what you have to do, then that is totally cool as well. You do not have to go from zero to expensive studio. You can take your time and do things different in between.

I hope you enjoyed this tip. If you did, please comment the word, “studio” on this post.

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