Photographers: How to do a Facebook live

I want to talk with you about how to do a Facebook Live.

Now, before I get into what I think is the best template for Facebook Lives, I wanna share with you that the best Facebook Live is one that you actually do. I feel like so many people are so worried about what the actual Facebook Live should entail, that they don’t actually ever do one. They worry about it so much, they don’t ever actually just go ahead and do it. And the best way you’re gonna get better at Facebook Lives, the best way you’re gonna get more consistent, and really know what you’re doing, and get better at it, is just to do it. So again, just doing a Facebook Live is better than not doing one.

All right, so with that said, my favorite template for Facebook Lives is to share something about you, or your business, or a client story, or something, and then title it in a way that is very interesting. For example: Here’s the Real Reason I Photograph Women in Their Underwear for a Living. Then I would share why I became a boudoir photographer, and why I love it, why everyone should do it, and then at the end, I should have some kind of call to action.

Now, the call to action will differ depending on if you’re posting this on your business Facebook page, or your Facebook group. If you’re posting on your business Facebook page, I recommend having them comment a word below, so that anyone who interacts with that video, you can retarget them with Facebook ads. If you are posting it in your group, I would have the call to action either be for them to comment below, just to boost engagement, or to have them enter some kind of a giveaway, or a call to action to get in touch with you to book a photo shoot, something like that.

Again, to sum this up, the best Facebook Live is one that you actually do, and second of all, the best template is for you to talk about your topic, make it really interesting, share why you are a photographer, or a client story, or some kind of interesting story, and then have a call to action at the end.