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Do Photographers Need to Blog Anymore?



One of the questions I get asked a lot is, “Molly, do I really have to blog anymore?” or “Is blogging dead? Is this something that I need?”  I’ve been blogging since middle school. I used to have a Xanga and a Live Journal.  (Do you guys even know what that is?)  My answer is heck yes!  Blogging is great for sharing stories and is good for search engine optimization (SEO). It’s another great way to connect with your audience.  

I think that having just one blog post per month is a really good place to start at right now.  You can title it using words that people might search for.  So for example, I would use “Wisconsin boudoir photographer” or “sexy pictures in Wisconsin.”  This will help you rank higher and allow people to find you.

You should also be using blogging for stories.   You can even share your client’s stories if you think there are some great nuggets in there. Talk about why you became a photographer, and tell your audience why you think everyone should do a shoot with you.  You can still use the idea of blogging in long form Facebook posts, or video posts on Facebook. All you’re trying to do is share your story.

You can also take those blogs and put it on your different platforms like Facebook.  You can recycle that same content instead of having to reinvent the wheel every time.  One blog post can carry you a long way and give you content for all your social media channels.  

So go now and do your blogging!  Do your social posts and reap the benefits.

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Molly Keyser

Boudoir photographer and business coach, I am dedicated to changing the world with the power of a camera. Originally from Wisconsin, I'm now in Texas, but I help photographers around the world learn how to go full-time with boudoir photography.