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Adventures in the Great Outdoors — Boudoir Edition!

I’m talking about outdoor boudoir! Sometimes you want to get out of the studio and go on an adventure, but you need to now how, when, and where. Check out my tips on how to have a safe, fun, and successful outdoor boudoir session!

Shoot during the Golden Hour…or a bit before

As a photographer, you’ve likely come across the concept of the “golden hour” before. It’s that one hour before sunset when the natural light is beautiful and…well, golden!

I like to get a couple of extra hours in and actually prefer the light around 3 hours before sunset. If you’ve seen my photography work, you know that I like the bright and airy look, so I’ll go out in the afternoon to shoot outdoors. I like to position the sun behind my client and then put a big reflector in front of her. Ultimately, you have to choose the light that works best for your style, but aim for that golden hour!

Find a great outdoor space!

There are a lot of option on where you can shoot boudoir outdoors:

  • an AirBnB with land or even just a beautiful porch
  • your yard or your client’s yard
  • ask friends or people around town if they have land you could use for a few hours
  • a river or lake (boudoir outfits are similar to bathing suits!)
  • a park (just make sure there’s not a lot of traffic)

What to bring to the shoot

In addition to your typical camera bag and whatnot, I recommend bringing a few extra things. A must have for outdoor lighting is a reflector. I like my giant one (10 feet!) and I mostly use the white side for bright light. I also bring my step stool because I like to shoot at slightly above eye level (and I’m short!). Also bring a blanket or towel for your client to use in case the grass is a little wet or cold, and a long jacket or robe to quickly cover up with in case someone walks by!


You might think that you need a whole new arsenal of poses for the outdoors, but the truth is that you don’t! You can use the same poses you would use in the studio, just slightly modified to use a tree instead of a couch or something! I talk a lot about having 5 Core Poses and this is just another example of why you need them!


Outdoor boudoir doesn’t have to be as complicated or as difficult as you think. With the right planning and the right mindset, it can be a great experience for both you and your client!

Want to shoot outdoor boudoir? Molly Keyser of Boudie Shorts gives you her tips on how to do it safely and successfully!

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