How to Answer Potential Photo Client Objections


I wanted to talk to guys about what to do when your clients give you objections on why they don’t want to book or why they don’t want to upgrade their package order.

One of the number one things that I hear from people not wanting to book boudoir (since I’m a boudoir photographer), Is they’ll say, “Well I want to do it, but I really want to lose five or ten pounds first.” And so what I say for that is I’ll say to them, “Look, I have this client her name … ” Was Stacy or however it was. Like I pick and actual story, this isn’t made up from a client. And I’ll say, “Her name was Stacy she said the same thing and I offered her a really special deal and she came in and she told me she’s really glad she did it. It actually made her realize she didn’t keep obsessing over the weight and she really truly finally felt that she was beautiful.”

And I’ll say, “Listen, I’m willing to give you that same exclusive offer if you book in the next 24 hours.” So what I offered her was she got to book her shoot, get hair and makeup all that stuff for just $99. Then she gets a $100 gift card ¬†towards her collection of choice. And I’ll even add on for you, look, if you look at your photos and for some reason you don’t like how you look in them. I wont’ make you buy a package nothing.

Because I’m really really really 100% certain that you’re gonna love them. And this really gonna change how you view yourself. So what do you think?

And I’ve never had anyone not want to buy their pictures. So I know that’s not gonna happen when I talk to her. So that’s how I overcome that objection.

Now another objection that get sometimes is, “We’ll I really want to do it but I can’t afford it.” And I’ll say, “Well, look right now I’m running a deal. If you book in the next 24 hours, you can book your shoot for just $99 and you get a $100 credit towards the package that you choose. Our packages start at just $997.” So about $1000 and they’ll say, “Well you know that’s sounds really good, but even a thousand dollars is even a lot for me right now.”

And I’ll say, “Look I totally get it, but I did a photo shoot for myself three years ago. Like I went and got my pictures done and I still have those pictures and I’m gonna have them for a lifetime. So this truly isn’t just buying jeans or buying Starbucks or going to the movies. This is an investment. This is something that you’re actually going to have forever.” I’m like “Starbucks you throw in the garbage, jeans get a hole in them, the movies are done after you do it, right?”

“The other thing is we also offer payment plans. So you can actually whatever package you decide you can split that up into two to three different payments. And we also accept PayPal credit. Where that’s zero dollars down and zero percent interest for six months. So you actually have six months to pay on that as well. So what do you think, does that sound a little bit better for you?”

And nine times out of 10, they’re like, “Oh I didn’t know you did payment plans.” Or “Yeah, that makes sense. I am gonna have that for ever, I can see how that’s a good investment.”

So those are really the top two objections that I get is, “I need to lose weight, and I can’t afford it.” So I really hope you guys took something away from this video. I hope you like my answers to these objections and you can apply it into your photography business as well.

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